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Add Your Farm

You can add your farm to our search engine for FREE.

Our Mission:
To foster and promote farming and agritourism related businesses in North America. For better marketing of the farms, create a source of information and reference for the public to easily search and locate farms in a meaningful manner.

You can add your farm, farmerís market, winery, farm gate, bed and breakfast, farm stay or ranch to our search engine for FREE.

We have created this search engine to help farms market to the public easier and with the help of technology provide updated information easier. By adding your farm you can enjoy number of different features that are available to you for free as part of having your farm listed on our search engine:

Customizable Web Addresses
All the farms listed on our search engine benefit from having their own customized web address. You can publish this address as your farm's website. This address would look like and you can publish this address to the public as your farms web address. On this web address your farm's information will be displayed along side other information about your farm including produce availability that with a few clicks you can change.

Farm Visit Reports
We collect search statistics and make this information available to you in order to benefit you. There are number of different reports that are available through your farm admin page. You can see what produce is more in demand in each month, and how often your farm listing has been viewed.

Produce Search
Using our produce search tool our visitors can locate your farm by simply selecting the produce that your farm offers and selecting your farms region/county. The farms are displayed in random order to ensure that all farms listed in our search engine enjoy equal opportunity of being on top of search results.

Attraction Search
Using this tool our visitors can locate your farm by selecting the region/county of your farm and selecting on available attractions for farms. The farms are displayed in random order to ensure that all farms listed in our search engine enjoy equal opportunity of being on top of search results.

Browse Farms
Using this tool our visitors can locate your farm simply by going through all the farms that are listed in our engine. This allows them to view any farm by simply clicking on the name.

Change Produce
We have made it extremely easy for farms listed on our engine to change and update their list of produce. You can do so simply by checking off or checking on a produce once you have logged in.

We now include maps on our search results. This allows the users to view where the farm is located. They can easily zoom in or zoom out and also get an satellite view of the farm as well.

Farm Images
You can also upload a digital image of your farm and attach it to your listing. This allows the visitors to have an idea what the farm looks like and locate it easier.

Produce Availability
We have made it extremely easy for you to notify the public that your produce is available. One of the challenges that farms faced have been to let the public know that their produce is available and they should visit their farm. Through the admin you can simply check-on when a produce is available and this information is displayed on your farm listing. It is just matter of seconds and you will let the world know that they should come to your farm.

Loyalty Program
We offer loyalty program that farms can participate in if they wish. Membership cards have proven themselves to be a method for the people to increase their visits and shopping habits. Through our Farm Visitor program we allow loyal visitors to come to your farm more often and make more purchases at your farm because of discounts or incentives offered. This reinforces their loyal habits and rewards them through discounts that are offered. The membership program also allows for the loyal visitors to encourage other friends and family to visit the farm directly and shop from their favorite farms.

Announce Your Events
Through our events announcement you can easily announce if there is anything that is taking place at your farm. It could range from a clown to entertain the kids to offering cooking lessons or sharing recipes. You can simply add your event to our calendar with just a few clicks.

Helium Balloon Marketing
We have reserved the design of the balloons so it could be used for farms only. You fill the balloons with Helium and they will rise in the air and can be seen from a distance. To find out more about the Marketing Balloons and see a video on how to fill and operate the balloon please visit Helium Balloon.

We are actively changing our programs and adding new features and functionality to our offerings. Please visit us again as we thrive on the feedbacks from people such as you.

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